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ISBN0-89577-392-9. She listened, enraptured, without moving for days. And Thecla by night having taken off her bracelets, gave them to the gatekeeper; and the door having been opened to her, she went into the prison; and having given the jailor a silver mirror, she went in beside Paul, and, sitting at his feet, she heard the great things of God. St. The Hellenistic physicians in the city lost their livelihood and solicited young men to rape Thecla. And the governor, looking gloomy, turned, and said: Do what you will. And as they were going in, a certain Syriarch, Alexander by name, seeing Thecla, became enamoured of her, and tried to gain over Paul by gifts and presents. And Tryphna sent her much clothing and gold, so that she left to Paul many things for the service of the poor.


And there was round her, as she was naked, a cloud of fire; so that neither could the wild beasts touch her, nor could she be seen naked. And having called a council, he summoned Thecla, and said to her: Why do you not obey Thamyris, according to the law of the Iconians? But she stood looking earnestly at Paul. 242,and Theodor Zahn, (Gttingische Gelehrte Anzeigen 1877, p.1307), cf. Thecla fought him off, assaulting him in the process, to the amusement of the townspeople. And she went to Iconium.


p.187. The Acts of Paul and Thecla: A Critical Introduction and Commentary 2009. And Tryphna having received the good news, went to meet the holy Thecla, and said: Now I believe that the dead are raised: now I believe that my child lives. For sometimes he seemed like a man, and sometimes he had the countenance of an angel. Leucius Charinus Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 6 . Thecla to be killed by being burned at the stake, that "all the women who have been taught by this man may be afraid." Stripped naked, St. Moreover also my daughter, tied to the window like a spider, lays hold of what is said by Paul with a strange eagerness and awful emotion; for the virgin looks eagerly at what is said by him, and has been captivated.


And Thecla wept bitterly, saying: O Lord, the God in whom I believe, to whom I have fled for refuge, who delivered me from the fire, grant a recompense to Tryphna, who has had compassion on Your servant, and because she has kept me pure. And Thecla, having been taken out of the hand of Tryphna, was stripped, and received a girdle, and was thrown into the arena, and lions and bears and a fierce lioness were let loose upon her; and the lioness having run up to her feet, lay down; and the multitude of the women cried aloud. And Theocleia said: I have a strange story to tell you, Thamyris; for assuredly for three days and three nights Thecla does not rise from the window, neither to eat nor to drink; but looking earnestly as if upon some pleasant sight, she is so devoted to a foreigner teaching deceitful and artful discourses, that I wonder how a virgin of such modesty is so painfully put about. Westminster John Knox Press, ISBN 978-0-664-23329-7. 276, reprinted in his Liturgie, foi et vie des premiers Chretiens (Paris, 1986*) 457-68 ^ Goodspeed 1901:186 note. M.R. Come within, and I shall assign to you all that is mine. I am afraid lest another temptation come upon you worse than the first, and that you withstand it not, but be cowardly. Amen. Werke Schriftenreihen Mehrbndige Werke Einzeltitel Zeitschriften Elektronische Publikationen .


Thecla would follow Paul's demand "that one must fear only one God and live in chastity", and they formed a mob to drag St. Werke Schriftenreihen Mehrbndige Werke Einzeltitel Zeitschriften Elektronische Publikationen . And she found Thamyris dead, but her mother alive. And Paul was afraid of nothing, but ordered his life in the confidence of God. ^ Edgar Johnson Goodspeed, "The Acts of Paul and Thecla" The Biblical World 17.3 (March 1901, pp. And the governor having heard this, ordered her garments to be brought, and to be put on. The extravagant praise of virginity, however, was a running thread in many brands of Early Christianity.[citation needed]. f9488a8cf8

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